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Professional Steam Pressing

At Pristine Steaming we provide professional garment steam-pressing specialising in wedding gowns, veils and bridesmaid dresses.  We also take care of men's attire including; suits, tux, kilts, dress shirts and ties.

We have a passion for what we do and take extra care of your special garments. There is no short cut here. If your gown has a few layers, we steam press every single layer (That's the secret to get the perfect look).

For beautiful enduring memories of your special day have your bridal gown professionally pressed and you will feel and look spectacular.

A complete guide to caring for your gown

Here is a guideline for when we steam your beautiful gown and when your gown leaves our boutique:

(we're happy to deliver it to you if you're staying in Wanaka town center)

TRANSPORT your gown in a vehicle where you can lay down the back seat. Your gown needs space as long as the gown with the train down.  Your gown needs to be in an extra long bag or just lying it on top of a clean sheet.

HANG your gown as high as possible when you get home, perhaps a door frame

or a curtain rod. Leave in the bag to prevent dust or bugs from landing on top of your gown. Open the bottom of the bag and spread the train out to avoid wrinkles ~ lay a clean sheet on the floor if the gown is not off the floor.

AVOID hanging your gown from a light fixture or ceiling fan. Accidental burns

& damage can occur.

We are here to help you and we are very fussy at what we do .

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