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Wanaka Pristine Steaming is a well-known boutique business, located in the heart of Central Otago, New Zealand. We offer our customers a personal and professional service that makes your special day or event exceptional.


We are truly passionate about delivering the best service to our customers. Whether you need your wedding gown and wedding party attire steam pressed. If you need to refresh a suit, or have a special outfit needing that special touch and attention to detail Wanaka Pristine Steaming are here for you.  We guarantee the best service.

Sarah Herridge
Lucinda Dennis
Wanaka Pristine Steaming
Caroline Lowther

Neda was nothing short of incredible! I approached her about pressing my wedding dress at rather short notice and she was so responsive, professional and lovely to deal with. I was a little apprehensive about getting my dress pressed but the moment I spoke with her I was 100% confident. She was an absolute dream and the care, love and attention she showed my dress was amazing! Thank-you so so much for your help. I highly, highly recommend her to others. Thanks x

Wanaka Pristine Steaming

We traveled from New York to Wanaka for our wedding. I brought my dress as a carry-on and tried to be as careful as can be, but four flights later it did have a few wrinkles... Luckily I had expected that and booked an appointment with Neda in advance. 15 min after we arrived in our hotel room, she was already there to pick up my dress and brought it back in perfect condition. Neda also steamed my veil and rehearsal dress, and I borrowed a fur warmer from her for the mountain top. Neda was very professional, punctual and every communication with her was fast and easy. Could not have been happier, the dress looks great in the pictures! Our photographer even commented on how perfectly crisp the dress looked in the pictures, thanks to Neda's steaming magic. Highly recommended for any bride traveling to Wanaka!


Wow, what a professional service Neda offers! I dropped the wedding gowns off to Neda in the supplied dress bags and Neda pulls out a long white glove to open the bag and pull out the gowns, seeing this made me confident that she was the perfect person to be responsible for my two gowns and the rest of the wedding party attire. We had booked in her services (which I suggest you do as Neda is one busy lady) and Neda did not disappoint, job was done with Neda also being able to drop the wedding attire off to our accommodation as time permitted. When the gowns got dropped off, she climbed into the back of her car, pulled out the gowns, hung them up, fluffed them out and made them look perfect.

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